7 Benefits of Straight Teeth

For some, straight teeth sound like a meaningless luxury. For others, straight teeth are a new lease on life. There is nothing actually wrong with having imperfect teeth, but straightening your teeth can help you in ways that you may not have considered. 

Straight teeth have the power to change your life, sometimes in unexpected ways. Some, especially older adults, are hesitant to straighten their smile – the idea of braces makes some people feel self-conscious. 

With over a decade of experience in beautifying smiles, Dr. Maya Oliver and our team at Georgetown Orthodontics can help you with any issue you may have with the alignment of your teeth. Whether you’re considering a straighter smile, or if you think you may need something more, we’re more than happy to assist. 

What are the benefits of straight teeth?

Many people wonder why anyone would bother to straighten their teeth. After all, if your teeth are in good overall health, you should be good to go, right? The answer is yes, and no: as long as you can bite and chew, straightening your teeth might not be a priority. But when your teeth aren’t properly aligned, you can experience physical and social complications that generally don’t affect people with straight teeth. 

Straight teeth make a happy smile

Imagine having a big, white smile as you walk down the street, or into work. Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you, and even has the power to make a strong first impression. With the boost of confidence from a perfect smile, you’ll look better in pictures, and feel better overall. 

Ease your daily cleaning routine

When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, flossing and brushing can be a challenge. Running floss through crowded teeth might not catch all the leftover food and drink particles from your day. It can be difficult to get the straight edge of a toothbrush over every surface of misaligned teeth, and your chances of tartar build-up and plaque increase. It also raises your risk of periodontal disease and cavities. 

For even wear, straighten your teeth

When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, this can put stress on your teeth, as well as your jaw and gums. This can raise your risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorder, which can cause jaw pain, and clicking in your jaw. Well-aligned teeth distribute weight evenly and reduce your chances of breaking a tooth.

Chewing is easier with straight teeth

Chewing is the first stage of the digestive process. Misaligned teeth can’t always process food thoroughly before swallowing, which can lead to digestive issues.

Save yourself from a speech impediment

Some people living with malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, have difficulty communicating. While this clearly isn’t the rule with everyone whose teeth are imperfect, a speech impediment can be reduced or corrected by straightening your smile. 

Protect your gums

Some cases of malocclusion are so severe that the gums are bitten. Gums can be bruised, and even cut by teeth. Even if you brush your teeth every day, food particles can enter the cut, and cause pain, and even an infection. 

Keep your mouth’s soft tissues safe

Crooked teeth are more likely to cause bites to the cheek, lips, or tongue. Skip the discomfort for the rest of your life with straight teeth, and consistent use of a dental retainer

Straightening your smile is a personal decision that you should discuss with Dr. Oliver before you dive in. If you think you’re ready to move forward with changing your smile, that’s great! We’re excited about the opportunity to help you. Call us today, or use our online scheduling tool for a consultation with Dr. Oliver. 

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