With extensive experience in both traditional and innovative braces technology, Georgetown Orthodontics can help you find the best braces option to help you achieve your smile goals.

Braces Q & A

Why do I need braces?

Braces realign teeth into their proper positions and leave the patient with a perfect smile. Aesthetic and functional reasons are both important reasons to get braces. Correcting your smile and bite with braces can:

  • Prevent bone erosion and issues with biting on your cheeks, lips, or gums
  • Make it easier to clean your teeth, minimizing your risk of cavities and gum disease
  • Correct your bite so you can properly chew, which lowers your chances of broken teeth

Your personalized orthodontic treatment can even help with self-esteem since you will be able to smile confidently.

Which type of braces are best?

Georgetown Orthodontics is home to state-of-the-art orthodontic tools and equipment, so we can provide several different types of braces – traditional metal braces, clear braces and Damon braces.

Although all braces need regular adjustments, with traditional braces, archwires are replaced and tied down with new elastic bands at each appointment, since bands stretch out over time.

Damon braces involve attaching either silver or clear brackets — depending on your preference — to your teeth. These brackets are designed with built-in doors that can easily be opened and closed to secure archwires in place, so elastic bands aren’t needed.

How long do I need to wear braces?

Your braces treatment plan is personalized to your lifestyle and your budget. We let you know how long you need to wear your braces, based on which type you choose and the severity of your alignment issues. It’s common to wear braces for anywhere from one to three years.