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The Herbst appliance is the most innovative and effective solution for correcting an overbite in children. Because leading orthodontist Maya V. Oliver, DDS, can combine the Herbst appliance with braces at Georgetown Orthodontics, your child can undergo a single orthodontic treatment plan. Find out more about the advanced technology behind the Herbst appliance by booking a consultation at this Washington, DC-based practice. Request an appointment online, or call the office directly.

Herbst Appliance Q & A

What is the Herbst appliance?

The Herbst appliance is a fixed device that corrects mild-to-severe cases of overbite in growing children. This specialized orthodontic treatment involves attaching four stainless steel bands around your child’s back molars — two on the top and two on the bottom.

A metal cylinder tube attaches to the upper molar bands and runs along the roof of the mouth. The lower steel bands are attached to the upper bands with additional bars that run parallel to the lower teeth. This effect gently pushes forward the lower jaw and positions it into proper alignment.

During each orthodontic visit, usually once or twice a month, your child’s Herbst appliance is adjusted as needed. The entire Herbst appliance overbite correction treatment typically takes about one year.

Is the Herbst appliance more effective than headgear?

The Herbst appliance is an alternative to traditional headgear. In many cases, the Herbst appliance is considered more effective at correcting an overbite, simply because your child can’t remove it. This forces your child to stay in compliance with their orthodontic treatment plan.

Since your child’s jawbone, connective tissues, and muscles are going to be gradually shifting 24/7 — headgear is worn 12-16 hours per day — overbite correction can often be achieved quicker. Plus, because the Herbst appliance is so much more discreet than headgear, your child won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious, as is common with headgear.

Can the Herbst appliance be used with braces?

Years ago, the Herbst appliance was a separate treatment from braces. However, because Dr. Oliver has extensive training in modern orthodontic treatments, she’s able to provide a unique treatment in which she can place the Herbst appliance alongside your child’s braces from the beginning.

This faster approach to orthodontic corrections allows your child to resolve overbite issues, while simultaneously perfecting their smile. By the end of their treatment plan, all they’re going to need to do is wear their retainers as recommended.

Learn more about the benefits of the Herbst appliance by booking an evaluation at Georgetown Orthodontics today. You can book your visit either online or over the phone.