How to Correct an Overbite

There are a whole bunch of problems that can affect your smile. Your teeth might be crowded together or have a gap between them. Your lower jaw could extend in front of your upper jaw, creating an underbite. Or, your teeth might not close together when you bite down, meaning you have an open bite. 

All told, if you have an overbite, which is a condition in which your top arch of teeth extends too far in front of your lower arch of teeth, you’re in good shape. Not only is this one of the most common orthodontic issues — accounting for as many as 70% of all dental disorders in kids — but it’s also one of the easiest to treat. 

At Georgetown Orthodontics, our orthodontist Dr. Maya Oliver has extensive experience correcting overbites to protect your teeth and beautify your smile. What’s more, she offers multiple overbite treatment types at our office in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, so you can choose the best option for you. 

Identifying an overbite

Technically, your upper arch of teeth extends over your lower arch even in normal teeth alignment. The difference between normal alignment and an overbite comes down to the distance between the two arches of teeth. If your top teeth extend more than 5 millimeters over your lower teeth, you have an overbite. 

While this might not seem critical, especially if your smile looks okay, correcting an overbite helps protect your teeth from excessive wear and protects you against jaw pain. 

An overbite is easiest to treat in children, but Dr. Oliver has experience helping people of all ages properly align their teeth. She offers two overbite treatment options: metal braces and clear aligners.

Correcting an overbite with metal braces

Dr. Oliver can use braces to shift your top teeth so they align properly with your lower teeth. At Georgetown Orthodontics, we don’t just offer any braces, either. Instead, we use Damon™ Smile braces. 

These braces attach to the archwire with specially designed doors instead of fiddly, hard-to-clean, visible elastics. What’s more, the design of Damon Smile braces makes them highly effective, shortening your total treatment time. 

Correcting an overbite with clear aligners

If you don’t want traditional braces — either because you don’t like how they look or because you don’t want the added hassle of brushing and flossing around them — Dr. Oliver offers an alternative. 

With Invisalign®, a series of personalized clear plastic aligners, she can correct your overbite more discreetly. You wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day so they can move your teeth into their proper positions. Take can take them out to eat, play sports, or whenever else you choose, then brush your teeth and pop them back in when you’re ready. 

If you think you might have an overbite, don’t wait to call our office today. Dr. Oliver and our dedicated Georgetown Orthodontics team have the options you need to correct your bite and protect your smile.

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