Adjusting to Life With Braces

Getting braces means investing in yourself. You’ll spend a short window of time with metal in your mouth in order to enjoy a lifetime of beautifully straight teeth. 

But getting braces doesn’t just affect the way you look. It also means changes to the way you eat and clean your teeth. At Georgetown Orthodontics in Washington, DC, Dr. Maya Oliver talks through the process with you so you know what to expect. As a braces specialist, she can answer any questions you may have.

To help you start to think through life with braces, our team also built this guide. 

What to expect with braces

You might experience some discomfort with braces, especially in the first week after you get them and each time Dr. Oliver adjusts them. This is a sign the braces are doing what they should, gently guiding your teeth to their proper positions.

To protect your braces, it’s best to steer clear of sticky and hard foods. Slice apples instead of biting straight into them, for example. Avoid any foods that will be hard to remove from your braces, like taffy or toffee. 

Also, it helps be aware that if you stain your teeth while you have braces on, you could be left with a faint outline of where your brackets were. Try to minimize how much you consume staining foods and drinks like colas and coffee. Avoid tobacco, too. 

If you do have a staining beverage or a sticky food item, try to find time to clean your teeth and braces shortly afterward.

Speaking of cleaning your teeth with braces, know that you’ll need to take extra care here. Dr. Oliver can talk with you about special tools you can use — like a WaterpikⓇ or floss threaders — to clean under your archwire and around your brackets. Know that flossing will probably take a little longer, but is still equally important, while you have braces. 

Your follow-up appointments

One key part of life with braces is regular visits to our office. This gives Dr. Oliver the opportunity to adjust your braces to help you get your dream smile as fast as possible.

She also offers accelerated orthodontics and Damon™ braces to shorten your treatment time and minimize the number of office visits you need. 

During your follow-up visits, Dr. Oliver may adjust the elastics on your braces or the wire guiding your braces. These appointments should be quick and convenient, each lasting about a half-hour or less.  

Ultimately, living with braces requires some adjustment, but it’s well worth it to get your dream smile. If you have any questions or want to explore your braces options, call our office at 202-600-8060 today. 

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